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A signature – or maker’s mark - designates the artisan who had made an object.  It is either composed of the three names commonly used in the Roman world, or of an abbreviation of a simpler name.  A signature is sometimes described as a stamp.  It is affixed on the mould or the model (called archetype) with a stylus or a seal.  Then it can be reproduced in large numbers. So, maker’s marks, which were affixed with a stylus or a seal, played the role of our present logos.


Signing, exhibiting, stamping : Signatures and hallmarks
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Poinçon de potier en os pour l’impression en creux de l’estampille (signature), la Graufesenque. Coll. Musée de Millau et des Grands Causses


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Antiquity of design, design of Antiquity
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