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A signature – or maker’s mark - designates the artisan who had made an object.  It is either composed of the three names commonly used in the Roman world, or of an abbreviation of a simpler name.  A signature is sometimes described as a stamp.  It is affixed on the mould or the model (called archetype) with a stylus or a seal.  Then it can be reproduced in large numbers. So, maker’s marks, which were affixed with a stylus or a seal, played the role of our present logos.


Signing, exhibiting, stamping : Signatures and hallmarks
Type de média

Poinçon de potier en os pour l’impression en creux de l’estampille (signature), la Graufesenque. Coll. Musée de Millau et des Grands Causses


Exposition associée
Antiquity of design, design of Antiquity
Image miniature chapitre
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