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Press Kit
Voyage by Emmanuel Michel

Inspired by his travels across five continents, Emmanuel Michel places people at the centre of his work.

He chooses his destinations because of his interest in a people, a culture or a ritual. Accompanied by his field notebooks, he captures the daily life and the environment of the people he meets. The artist also draws inspiration from local materials to create his sculptures, which are made from bronze, clay or recycled metal.

This exposition will takes place in the Musée du pays Châtillonnais - trésor de Vix from 1 July to 31 August 2024. Some of the art will also be exhibited freely in the courtyard of the museum. 

Dossier de presse_espace d'actualité_Fouille du monument funéraire de la Dame de Vix © Nathalie Montenot
Dossier de presse / Espace d'actualité
Fouille du monument funéraire de la "Dame de Vix" 2019

In this space, documents and objects illustrate the progress made by researchers in the knowledge and understanding of the Vix archaeological site. The exhibition highlights contemporary archaeological methods applied to the new dig, as well as elements linked to recent DNA analyses of the Lady of Vix, such as the 3D scan of her skull. The space is open-ended, allowing visitors to follow and revisit the excavation through photos and videos.