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Oil lamps, originally coming from Italy or from Africa, with or without decoration, appealed to Gallic people. They were readily copied in the workshops of Narbonne, Rhone valley and Allier valley. Lamps were made with a two-part mould, each one originating either from an archetype or from an existing lamp, the holes of which had been previously blocked (over moulding). Moulding and over moulding made it possible to reproduce models and makers' marks of Mediterranean workshops ; we do not know if such copies were sold as imitations or counterfeits.


Fiat lux : Oil Lamps from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
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Partie supérieure d’un moule de lampe à huile et lampe à huile, terre cuite, époque gallo-romaine, provenance sablière Mathieu-Denimal et Lenglet, Bavay. Coll. Forum antique de Bavay, Musée archéologique du département du Nord

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Antiquity of design, design of Antiquity
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