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Terra-cotta/ceramic figurines used to be placed on family altars, at home.  They would also accompany a deceased in his grave. Many deities were represented : Venus and mother goddesses were the most popular; Risus (a laughing person), busts of children or animals could be found as well. Mass production by moulding from a model, called archetype, made it possible to disseminate such items on a large scale. Such standardized terra-cotta/ceramic figurines were easy to identify and cheaper than bronze statuettes. They bear testimony to the religion practised by the people.


Gods in your home : White terra-cotta ceramic figurines
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Moule de déesse mère et figurine de déesse mère, terre cuite blanche, fin IIe – début IIIe siècle, provenance Autun, quartier artisanal de la Genetoye, Coll. Centre d’archéologie et du Patrimoine « Alain Rebourg », Service archéologique de la Ville d’Autun et Musée Rolin, Autun

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Antiquity of design, design of Antiquity
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